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5 reasons to call SERVPRO in San Diego

When you need fire damage cleanup like these photos show, there are several reasons you should call SERVPRO of San Diego City SW.1.) We are licensed, we are bon... READ MORE

Choosing SERVPRO for your water damage needs

When you have water damage needs in San Diego, there is a reason homeowners and business owners choose SERVPRO of San Diego City SW. As the nation's leading re... READ MORE

Choosing SERVPRO in San Diego

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Commercial Water Damage in North Park, San Diego

These are two photos of a recent commercial water damage cleanup SERVPRO of San Diego City SW performed for a company in the North Park neighborhood of San Dieg... READ MORE

Water Damage in Chula Vista, San Diego

When you have water damage in San Diego, like this property in Chula Vista, SERVPRO of San Diego City SW is the best team to call. This homeowner had a wax ring... READ MORE

Mold in San Diego by SERVPRO

When you have mold in San Diego, SERVPRO of San Diego City SW is the obvious choice to remediate the mold for you. We provide free mold inspections, and our tea... READ MORE

Condo Water Damage in San Diego

These photos show the hallway/common area of a HOA condo/high-rise that suffered from water damage from a unit's washing machine overflow in downtown San Diego.... READ MORE

Condo HOA Water Damage in downtown San Diego

These photos illustrate what can happen in a HOA condo building when a laundry drain overflows from above. In this case, the HOA unit we were working in was in ... READ MORE

Residential Fire and Smoke Soot Cleaning in La Mesa

These photos are from a residential fire that occurred at a single-family home in the La Mesa area of San Diego. We were actually the second cleanup company cal... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage Cleanup in San Diego

Though most people don't think of San Diego as a place in the country where storm damage occurs, it definitely can and does happen here. These photos however s... READ MORE