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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of San Diego City SW Wants San Diego to be Safe from Fire

Turning our Minds toward Gutters

We know, we know. We're supposed to keep our minds out of the gutters, but at SERVPRO® of San Diego City SW, it's hard to do. We know that keeping gutters clean is an important part of taking care of a home or commercial building.

Here are reasons for San Diego residents to pay attention to their own gutters:

  • Clogged gutters provide homes for birds, squirrels, and lots of bugs. Some of the critters are cute (others – not so much), but they're all perfectly capable of making their own homes.
  • Full gutters are heavy! Heavy gutters can damage the brackets, which will damage the outside of the building. They can also damage the roof, which leads to other problems.
  • Fires can spread from rooftops and trees to the matter clogging the gutters. That's true of wildfires and building fires.

Call SERVPRO of San Diego City SW if the Worst Does Happen

We're part of the community so we don't want anything horrible to happen to our neighbors, but we can help. We are experts in restoration from fire or water damage.

If poorly-maintained gutters lead to any kind of structural damage, call us at 619-269-5004. We have 24-hour emergency service, and promise not to say “We told you so.”

We did, however, tell you so.  

Semi-Relevant Trivia

Spaghetti strainers strain water away from spaghetti, but gutter strainers strain debris from getting into gutters in the first place.

Archaeologists have found buildings that included rain gutters from 3,000 BCE. While SERVPRO of San Diego City SW has been providing expert service for a long time, we weren't around then.

Gargoyles directed water away from buildings, so they were (especially cool-looking) rain gutters.

People who clean rain gutters for a living report finding children's toys in the gutters. We expected they would find balls and kites, but were surprised to learn they have found dolls, toy cars, badminton rackets, and lunch boxes.

The technical term for “gutter” is “eave trough”, but finding rhymes for “eave trough” is tough (which looks like it rhymes, but doesn't). Finding rhymes for “gutter” is easy: butter, nutter, cutter, clutter, shutter, flutter, mutter, putter … We're waiting for our readers to provide poetry. It doesn't have to be good poetry. 

Some automobile companies installed rain gutters on car roofs to prevent rain from falling on drivers' heads. They couldn't do anything about the rain itself (of course), and they made cars very non-aerodynamic. No one noticed when manufacturers stopped.

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